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the visual way to eye the web
vısuos™ is an innovative, full featured operating software concept with modules for visual search, storage, and retrieval.

it empowers the user to understand search results leading him faster to the desired content.

vısuos™ elevates search from text to visual like operating systems elevated from command line to the desktop in the 1980s.

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licensing/press material
if you are interested in licensing vısuos™ or need press material for writing an article please contact dr. clemens lango:



article in "intelligent decision technologies"
international journal, special issue on knowledge visualization
published by IOS press
read the article (pdf 3,4MB)

recension by prof. bürdek
i am proud that prof. bürdek wrote a very positive recension on vısuos™ in "i-com - journal for interactive & cooperative media"!
read the recension

article in acm "ubiquity"
article on vısuos™ published in ACM's "ubiquity - the magazine devoted to the future of computing and the people who are creating it."

featured by sap design guild
thanks for featuring vısuos™ in the books & the visualization sections!

„One of the most exciting
design innovations
in knowledge management.”

prof. dr. joachim hasebrook
int. association of applied psychology

„Absolutely [...] a significant
building block.”

prof. bernhard e. bürdek
hfg offenbach/ main, design theory

„A great deal of background understanding and creative design.”

prof. dr. terry winograd
stanford university, california, hci

„...groundbreaking [...] on the field
of information visualization.”

ulrike grünewald
hfg_of main, chief editor

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looking for a global player interested in licensing the vısuos™ concept for his search products.

time limited call!
be early for the opportunity of an exclusive license and full rights handover!




detailed description of the vısuos™ concepts

- 300 pages, 170 figures
look inside


ebook (color)


time limited offer by author!


39.80€/59.80$ (sold out)


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vısuos™ & the vısuos logo are trademarks of & vısuos concept (c) by dr. clemens lango

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