reader statements on vısuos™

  i feel very honored that the following highly appreciated personalities gave such positive feedback on vısuos™.
but read for yourself...


"The vısuos system is one of the most exciting design innovations in knowledge management and a perfect example of 'cognitive design' which dynamically transforms invisible knowledge into insight and enlightment. Clemens Lango's work hopefully paves the way for new designs which clearly go beyond form and usability towards imagi-nation and user experience."

prof. dr. joachim hasebrook
international association of applied psychology/ applied cognitive psychology

"Since Vannevar Bush's legendary article "As We May Think" (1945) the design of databases is considered as a signifying issue of the 20th century, but now proving its actual payload. […]

The exceptional and groundbreaking work on Information Visualization of the American author Edward E. Tufte absolutely requires continuative and substantiating appliance –

therefore the work of Clemens Lango absolutely is a significant building block."

prof. bernhard e. bürdek
hochschule für gestaltung offenbach am main
design theory, design methodology

"Lango's work certainly shows
a great deal of background understanding and creative design. [...]

[The interface] is far more aesthetically pleasing than the conventional GUI window system. [...]

It is of high quality and I enjoyed the opportunity to read it."

prof. dr. terry winograd
stanford university, california, department of computer science

"The unique achievement [...] is seen in the definition of a novel holistic interaction paradim for visual queries and information space representation via Venn diagrams and in the concept of information breadth control. [...]

The development of an interface which is easy to learn and usable for users with dissimilar qualifications is one of the biggest challenges of these days."

dr.-ing. reinhard moeller
university of wuppertal
department of electrical and information engineering

"Clemens Lango has created a
groundbreaking publication
on the field of
information visualization."

ulrike grünewald
chief editor
hfg_of main

"Clemens Lango belongs to the very few who understand that design has reached a new stage and that research in design has become a legitimate goal for this stage. [...]

[his concept] is an original contribution, foundational in nature."

prof. dr. dr. mihai nadin
university of texas at dallas
interactive arts, technology, and computer science

"I have been highly impressed by Clemens Lango's ideas for the conception of a visuospatial operating software for knowledgeworkers called vısuos. It contains a fullness of interesting ideas and concepts from the topics Information Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, and Computational Design.
Especially by connecting these three different disciplines Clemens Lango succeeds in developing an original concept for a knowledgeworker's future workplace which integrates the management of manifold information within one consistent visual interaction paradigm."

prof. dr. harald reiterer
university of konstanz, department of computer and information science


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