superior performance & usability

by specialized but integrated modules


vısuos™ is a very powerful system which offers functionality and forms of interaction that go far beyond known solutions.
nevertheless it offers a high degree of usability and performance for a maximized target group.

get a first insight on the base architectural principles of vısuos™ below and the resulting advantages on the bottom of this page.

all the stategies alluded on this site and their background are described in detail in vısuos™ the book.
it is a highly valuable must read for every developer or designer of software and web applications!



the architecture

for each of the core activities in knowledge work specialized modules with a high degree of functional identity have been developed.
  the vigor of supreme, adequate conceptual models in user interfaces is unbeatable.

the system architecture allows to flexibly combine the modules needed.
so it easily adapts to higher workflows involving multiple classes of activity.
  tight integration of the modules' conceptual models allows seamless interactions across all of them.
the result is a highly scalable system.
above the modular segmentation of functionality vısuos™ applies multiple strategies to reduce the users' cognitive load to a minimum.
  the key principle lies in the "visuospatiality" paradigm evangelized by clemens lango. it is based on spatially consistent cognitive maps.


the resulting benefits

usability/ user satisfaction   new functionality
  vısuos™ offers a highly effective learning curve.
the reduction to a limited number of consistent, direct manipulative visuospatial forms of interaction offers a high degree of usability - even for non computer affine users.
  vısuos™ integrates functionality that classically is fragmented across different applications and interfaces. extensive tasks and higher - previously unthinkable - workflows can easily be accomplished within one holistic system.
performance/ productivity
  maximized target group

  the strong conceptual models of vısuos™ have a low cognitive load.
the seamlessly combinable modules allow unseen levels of productivity.

  the modular vısuos™ structure adopts to individual depths of usage. multiple perspectives, information breadths, and mechanisms of accessing information are offered.


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vısuos™ & the vısuos logo are trademarks of & vısuos concept (c) by dr. clemens lango
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