the vısuos™ concepts in detail


vısuos™ - the book - contains detailed description of the vısuos™ concepts and strategies.
it is of high relevance for developers & designers of interactive systems, hypermedia systems, and system architects.

  what's inside?

-   how to conceive easy to use interface architectures for complex applications
-   clemens lango's philosophy of "visuospatial interfaces" and how to apply it to build highly usable systems
- revolutionary concepts for future web browsing applications

- user interfaces for a new way of visual web search
- worldnew unique approach for integrating search with information organization
- novel integrated approach for information spaces (local desktop, public webspace, bookmarks, ftp servers, sitemaps...)


- visual history - a powerful complementary world to user-organized information.
- user interface for a visual notation of related link classes
- user interface model for click-history representation to facilitate exploration of branched link-paths




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vısuos™ & the vısuos logo are trademarks of & vısuos concept
(c) by dr. clemens lango

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